We Offer Flocked Christmas Trees
We Offer Christmas Accessory Flocking!

We Offer Christmas Accessory Flocking

The Christmas Experts at The Landscape Connection provide professional tree flocking services for the entire Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas.  Christmas Tree Flocking is artificial snow that’s applied to a real or artificial Christmas trees and some artificial trees come with it already applied.

Despite safety concerns, Christmas tree flocking is generally fine for use around children and pets, and may actually make a Christmas tree less of a fire hazard.

We Offer Light Flocking, Sometimes Called 'Frosting'

We Offer Light Flocking, Called ‘Frosting’

Here at The Landscape Connection, we welcome your business and would love to flock your Christmas tree or Christmas accessories, regardless of whether you buy your Christmas tree somewhere else or you buy your Christmas tree from us.  We also flock Christmas accessories, like wreaths, garland and other greens!

We offer three different ‘stages’ of Christmas tree flocking for you to choose from:

  1. Light Layer of Snow:  Light Christmas tree flocking, sometimes called ‘frosting’.
  2. Medium Layer of Snow: Medium Christmas tree flocking, and
  3. Heavy Layer of Snow: Heavy Christmas tree flocking